Palisade Vineyard Precision Agriculture

Our service makes the management of precision agriculture and environmental protection issues easy-to-handle, available on demand, and cost-effective. Traditional surveying technology is labor, skill and cost-intensive, while UAV/airborne imagery increases safety, efficiency and accuracy while keeping cost and labor to a minimum. Our technology will enable you to produce orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and point clouds of pits and quarries to calculate volumes of extracted materials, volumes of stockpiles and monitor hot-spots or interesting site areas, etc.

This new and effective process of generating up-to-date information allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured decision making for any area of a mining site. Results obtained are traceable over time in order to comply with environmental standards.

Densified Point Cloud 3D Textured Mesh Point Cloud Objects Point Cloud Terrain
DTM Orthomosaic Colored Index Google Maps
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Outcome Specifications

General project information
Project Objective The goal of this project is to get a NDVI and an orthomosaic of a vineyard.
Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 2.03 cm / 0.8 in
Area covered 0.0243 km2 / 2.4339 ha / 0.0094 sq. mi. / 6.0174 acres
Output coordinate system WGS84 / UTM zone 32N
Vertical Coordinate System: Geoid Height Above WGS 84 Ellipsoid = 0 meters
Number of images 127
Image size 4000×3000
Image geolocation coordinate system WGS84 (egm96) WGS84 /UTMzone 12N
Image acquisition
Image acquisition plan 1 flight, grid flight plan
Camera CanonPowerShotS110_5.2_4000x3000 (RGB)
Number of GCPs 7 3D GCPs
GCPs coordinate system WGS84

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vineyard pix4d report