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It is a very complicated time within the UAS landscape. There are many moving parts and no regulatory environment, until now, to work from that is specific to UAS. The FAA released the NPRM earlier this year, and we were pleasantly surprised. As you will read, education is paramount to becoming certified. UAS Professionals is committed to helping you achieve your UAS training goals.

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Be prepared for the Airmen Knowledge Test (AKT). Click here for our recommended program!


FAA AKT Syllabus:

  1. Regulations applicable to small UAS operations
    A foundational course covering all laws, titles, and regulations governing small UAS operations.
  2. Airspace
    This will cover the two different categories of airspace, regulatory and non-regulatory, the four types per category, and any relevant information pertaining to airspace.
  3. Flight restrictions
    Information pertaining to federal and international flight restrictions
  4. How to clear an obstacle during flight
    Standard flight operations to avoid obstacles, and navigate at proper altitudes.
  5. Weather and micrometeorology
    The effects of weather and micrometeorology on UAS.
  6. Weight and balance
    Calculating the weight and balance of the UAS.
  7. Emergency operations
    Properly responding to emergency situations.
  8. Aeronautical decision-making/judgment and crew resource management
    Systematically approaching decision-making mentalities as a pilot.
  9. Airport operations and radio communication procedures
    Outlining important airport functions and operations, as well as relevant and appropriate radio communications.
  10. Physiology
    The effects of flight on the body and mind.

Prep for the Airmen Knowledge Test (AKT). This will become a requirement by the FAA.

Introductory Course


Courses Offered

Introduction to the World of UAVs

  • UAS Components
  • Flight and Safety Protocols

UAVs in Business
Level 1

  • Commercial Readiness
  • National Airspace System

UAVs in Business
Level 2

  • Mission Planning
  • Commercial Readiness

UAVs in Business
Level 3

  • Information for Airmen Knowledge Test

UAS and Intro to GIS Online Add-On

  • Intro GIS Mission Planning
  • Data Collection Techniques

Hands-On Training Add-On

  • Hands-On Flying
  • Data Collection Techniques

Course Details

Introduction to World of UAVs
UAVs in Business – Level 1UAS Wings3

UAVs in Business – Level 2UAS Wings2
UAVs in Business – Level 3UAS Wings
UAS and Intro to GIS Add-OnGIS icon blue
Online Add-On
In Person
Understanding UAS Components
Core UAS Training
Flight and Safety Protocols 
FAA Rules
FAA Regulations
National Airspace System
Commercial Readiness
Field Readiness
Flight Simulator Software Training
Mission Planning Software Training
Hands-On Training
Sign-Off for Private Pilot Written Exam
GIS Mission Planning
Data Collection Techniques
Create DEMs/DSMs/Orthomosaics