UAS Thermal Imaging

Yet another amazing piece of technology that may be used on a multi-rotor, thermal imaging camera. Use this sensor to detect everything from building insulation efficiency to health of plants to dampness of soil and more.

Tau 2 LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Cores

FLIR® Tau® 2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of features, making them well-suited for demanding applications like Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), thermal weapon sights and handheld imagers. Improved electronics now give Tau 2 even more capabilities, including radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), 640/60Hz frame rates and powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast. Since the electrical function are common between the Tau 2 640, 336 and 324, integrators have direct compatibility between the different camera formats and Tau camera versions share many of the same lens options.

This FLIR camera has the option to set 4 temperature isotherm thresholds to colorize absolute temperatures of interest on top of a grey scale. In this example, we were only interested in very hot objects. Anything registering below 30 degrees Celsius in any given scene is colored on a grey scale with white being warmer and black being cooler temperatures. Anything registering at 30 degrees Celsius or higher shows up as a yellow color. The next threshold is 40 degrees, then 50 and 60 degrees showing orange, dark orange and red colors respectively (Jen Joern, Masters in GIS, 4/1/2015).

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