UAS for Oil and Gas

UAS – Oil and Gas; The Future of Oil and Gas

If you are in the Oil and Gas profession you will either be using data from a UAV or you will be flying one to collect your own data within the next 3 years. The capabilities of these machines allow for easy, accurate and comprehensive data collection. Whether you use this technology for reclamation purposes or pipeline and well head surveillance you can save thousands of man hours monitoring your assets. The example we have included on this page returned a GSD of .1cm. We flew the mission in 4 minutes and had the data to analyze by the time we landed the aircraft.

Project UASPI
Processed 2014-Nov-04 17:02:48
Camera Model NEX-7 16.0_6000x4000 (RGB)
Average Ground Sampling (GSD) 0.1cm/0.03in

Advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles for data collection

  • Sub-centimeter resolution
  • Almost real time data
  • Easy access and availability
  • Low cost

UAS Professionals builds custom unmanned aerial systems from the ground up for all of these uses and more. Our full package includes hardware, software, training and post-sale service. Reach out today to see how UAVs can help your business.