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Training terms and conditions

Introduction to the World of UAVs – $149

This course will introduce you to using UAVs. It will teach you about all of the key components in an unmanned system, from what an IMU is to calibration techniques to how to start the motors. By the end of this course, you will also know how to fly responsibly and how to minimize any chance of crashing. You will also be fully prepared to fly recreationally while keeping yourself and those around you safe. This course can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by limiting your mistakes and ensuring you always fly your equipment safely, economically and efficiently. Most importantly, we will introduce you to relevant laws in order for you to remain legal.

UAVs in Business- Level 1 – $799

This course is theory-based and can either be taken online or in person. It includes everything mentioned in the introduction, plus much more. We will walk you through everything you need to know about UAVs and how to operate them from a commercial viewpoint. After completing this course, you will have the understanding and knowledge necessary to make sound aviator decisions in the field, to ensure you do not break any federal local laws and regulations or damage your aircraft. This class does not include hands-on flight time or sign off for the private pilot written test.

UAVs in Business- Level 2 – $1,099

This course includes everything in Level 1. You will be taken to the point where you feel confident handling a UAV and flying it on your own, even if you have no prior experience. This course is designed to fully prepare you to get started with the business of UAVs. You will learn about the National Airspace System’s rules and regulations, how to fly, how to plan a mission, how to understand and work around the weather and much more. You will need to provide your address so that we can ship you the transmitter to use with the simulator software.

UAVs in Business- Level 3 – $2,499

This course includes all topics and exercises in levels 1 and 2. The main addition is that you will also be fully trained to pass the Airmen Knowledge Tests (AKT) written exam. An FAA certified instructor pilot will sign off on you, which is required for taking this test at an approved testing center as designated by the FAA. We suggest this course if you want to be among the first fully-prepared commercial UAV operators.

We are confident that this course material will pass all FAA commercial UAV operation rules.


  1. Regulations applicable to small UAS operations
  2. Airspace
  3. Flight restrictions
  4. How to clear an obstacle during flight
  5. Weather and micrometeorology
  6. Weight and balance
  7. Emergency operations
  8. Aeronautical decision-making/judgment and crew resource management
  9. Airport operations and radio communication procedures
  10. Physiology

UAS and GIS- $399

The Intro to GIS portion of our training is an add-on to one of our other courses: UAVs in Business Level 1, 2 or 3.

During the GIS course we cover everything you need to know to successfully collect actionable data on your flights. But keep in mind GIS is a study within itself. We will not make you a GIS expert. We will walk you through how to plan and fly the mission, height, speed, camera settings, flight patterns, field repairs and much more. We will also teach you what to do with the data once you have captured the information and how to turn it into a DEM, DSM or Orthomosaic. Save yourself a lot of time and money and learn from the leaders in UAV and aviation training.


Hands-On Training $499

The Hands-On portion of our training involves getting your hands on the ‘sticks’. Learn how to fly a multirotor or fixed-wing aircraft. Become proficient enough to feel confident and safe. We will cover the basics like takeoff and landing and work with you up to the point of handling emergencies.
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