The Future of Geographic Information Systems

If you are in the GIS profession you will either be using data from a UAV or you will be flying one to collect your own data within the next 3 years. The capabilities of these machines allow for easy, accurate and comprehensive data collection. The example we have included on this page returned a GSD of .1cm. We flew the mission in 4 minutes and had the data to analyze by the time we landed the aircraft.

Project UASPI
Processed 2014-Nov-04 17:02:48
Camera Model NEX-7 16.0_6000x4000 (RGB)
Average Ground Sampling (GSD) 0.1cm/0.03in

Advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles for data collection

  • Sub-centimeter resolution
  • Almost real time data
  • Easy access and availability
  • Low cost

UAS ProfessionalsĀ builds custom unmanned aerial systems from the ground up for all of these uses and more. Our full package includes hardware, software, training and post-sale service. Reach out today to see how UAVs can help your business.


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Recommended Education and Hardware

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