Client / Student Testimonials


“UAS Professionals has instilled in me the knowledge and confidence necessary as a flight operator to safely and successfully navigate the evolving UAS/UAV industry; in addition, they have provided me the tools to continually assess and hone my skills to become the best pilot possible. I came into the field of aviation with more apprehension then experience, however, due to a combination of custom tailored coursework, hand-on training and the professional insight from the instructors at UASPI, I feel prepared and excited to be a part of the future of the UAS/UAV industry.”


  • Andrew F.


“The UAV’s and GIS course offered by UAS Professionals and the University of Denver was one of the highlights of my education thus far. The course was a real eye opener for me.  We discussed everything from FAA law regarding commercial and private usage to the aerodynamic principles of flight; I especially appreciated the hands-on time with the drones that allowed me to really apply the theoretical learning to real world applications.”


  • Nick S.


“I discovered UAS Professionals online when I was looking to take my business to the next level.  The team has been supportive, professional and trustworthy from the beginning.  The customer service and dependability I experienced on Day 1 convinced me immediately that I was dealing with the right team.  We are grateful to UAS Professionals for helping us take this big leap for our business, and for being there to support us every step of the way.”


  • Edward K.


“After researching the different UAS operator training programs in the U.S., I decided to pursue my career in aviation through UAS Professionals because of their dedication to mission success and safety, along with their strict adherence to following all FAA regulations. As a student pilot/operator, UASPI has provided me a strong foundation of both knowledge and practical skills.  I truly believe that I am learning from the best professionals out there who not only have the ability to teach, but also actual experience with real world applications.  Their guidance and support continues to allow me to further my development as a pilot/operator.”  


  • Myles F.


“UAS Professionals provided an impressively comprehensive program on UAV operations and policy. Not only did they provide hands-on training with UAVs, the trainers emphasized knowing the rules and regulations inside-and-out, while always focusing on safety. The main lesson that I walked away with, above the technical and operational aspects, is that the job must be done right, because with every job you are setting an example for a new industry and a community. I am really glad I chose UAS Professionals for my UAV training and development, and look forward to learning more from them as this technology and industry develops.” 


  • Korey H.