Introduction to the world of drones

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  Covered in class:

  • Overview of Aircraft Types and Usage
  • How to Choose your First UAV
  • Commercial Applications
  • How to Fly Legally
  • Airspace Overview
  • Regulatory Overview (FAA, State, Local)
    • AC 91-57
    • CFRs
    • 333 Exemptions
    • and more …
  • Safety
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Who should take this class

If you have never flown an aircraft in your life or if you have experience flying all sorts of aircraft but just want to find out about autonomous flight, this class is for you. Find out how UAVs are being used in industry and hear the truth about this amazing technology.

What you will learn

  • 3 hours / $199
  • This course provides a thorough overview of the UAS industry and is the perfect place to get started with UAVs. It will teach you about all of the key components in an unmanned system, from what function an IMU perform to calibration techniques to how to start the motors and get flying.  By the end of this course, you will know how to fly responsibly and minimize the risk of crash or loss of your aircraft.  You will be fully prepared to fly recreationally while keeping yourself, and those around you, safe.  This course will save a tremendous amount of time and effort by highlighting the traditional mistakes new pilots make.  Most importantly, you will leave ready to fly your equipment safely, economically, and efficiently.   A quick word of warning, by the time you leave, you’ll more than likely be hooked like the rest of us on these incredibly fun little birds.

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