Industries Served – We build custom solutions for a variety of industries

The UAV industry is growing rapidly. With dozens of industries beginning to use unmanned aircraft in a quickly-evolving regulatory landscape, it is important to understand how to operate safely and legally and to get the most out of your budget. If you are considering purchasing a UAV, building a custom solution or just need to be educated on the shifting regulations and UAV landscape, UAS Professionals can help.

Why Choose Us?

We build our products locally and to the highest standards. We understand that when you’re in the field, failure is not an option.
We will support you every step of the way. From choosing the right aerial system to teaching you how to use it correctly to post-sale support if there are any issues.
We offer a comprehensive training program to get you fully prepared to fly your UAV safely, legally and efficiently. Our UAVs in Business – Level 2 comes free with any purchase of an aerial system.

Oil and Gas

Whether you need to monitor your pipelines, track your reclamation progress or use special sensors to find precisely where your equipment was buried we have the equipment to help.


Fly a UAV over your mining site to determine how much dirt has been removed from a site or how many resources are sitting in a pile. After a 10 minute flight, you can generate this data within 1% accuracy. Understand and monitor your site, stay on track, get the job done.

Geographic Information Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems are becoming more prevalent in the GIS workplace for data collection, reconnaissance, research and more. Our custom multirotors and fixed-wing aircraft are capable of carrying high-end sensors, flying autonomously and producing high-resolution maps and 3D models.



UAVs can be used during the entire construction process. Use them to quickly survey a site. Once you’ve started building, take images and video to update your clients. Once the project is complete, use a thermal camera to quickly see if there are any airflow issues.

Precision Agriculture

Increase crop yields by using technology like near infrared to see nitrogen levels on crops. This enables farmers to decide where to apply more fertilizer, therefore increasing yield and providing less expensive food.
Select an area on Google Maps with our mission planner software, then click GO! From there, our system will fly itself on an optimally programmed route to maximize the area covered in as short a flight time as possible. If you notice an object may be in the flight path of the UAV, immediately take control and avoid a crash.