DENVER (CBS4)– As drones gain popularity among the population, Denver International Airport transportation experts teamed up with law enforcement to address drone hazards.

Americans are expected to buy a million drones this holiday season and that includes consumers in Colorado. With all the open space in the state, DIA is taking action.

DIA announced the formation of a group on Wednesday morning that will focus on drone activity and interference with aviation.

(credit: CBS)

“While none of these devices have come into contact with aircraft, these operators are putting aircraft at risk of a collision. We highly doubt that this is intentional and that’s why we are calling on the public to become better educated about the use of these devices and the potential impact that they can have on aircraft,” said DIA Chief Operating Officer Ken Greene.

In the past three months there have been seven incidents in which drones have reportedly interfered with aircraft near DIA. On June 19, there were four drones reported near Barr Lake in Adams County in the path of an aircraft that was landing.

The next day a single drone was reported interfering with the departing flight at 660 feet. In July, police reported that a drone was flying on airport property.

It is against the rules for hobbyist drones to go above 400 feet. The operator of the drone must contact a control tower within five miles of any airport.

(credit: CBS)

Since mid-June there have been seven incidents at DIA where drones went too high and came too close to aircraft.

Electronic signs have been posted in DIA’s terminal that state flying a drone near a manned airport is not only illegal but also dangerous.

The group is calling on the public to report sightings of drones seen near airports.

A drone warning sign at DIA (credit: CBS)